100mg/ 10ml

Most defined steroid for cutting cycles

  • Enhance your sporting performance
  • Low risk of side effects
  • Decrease water retention

PRIMOBOLAN DEPOT 100  BY pur-pharm

Methenolone Enanthate 100mg/Ml

Primobolan Depot 100 is the attachment of methenolone hormone with an enanthate ester. The addition of this ester slows down the release rate of the medication in the body, giving you a steady but assured growth and development of muscle mass and bone density.


Methenolone Enanthate . . . . . . . . . 100mg/ml

  • Chemical Name: 
    • (5α,17β)-1-methyl-3-oxoandrost-1-en-17-yl heptanoate
    • Molecular Weight: 414,621g/mol
    • Formula: C27H42O3
    • Anabolic Rating: 88
    • Androgenic Rating:44-57



350-600 mg/week


100 mg/week



Dianobol, Trenbolone, Deca,
Masteron, Winstrol


10-14 days


Not required if used alone

Popularly used in enhancing competitive sports


Primobolan Depot 100 helps you perform better with an ensured and healthy promise from the steroid on better muscles and a healthier growth than most steroids offer.


Primobolan maximizes protein synthesis in the body so that athletes or those who take the medication get the maximum benefits from the food they ingest. Lean muscles are built, and a very acknowledged characteristic is not bulking the body, rather giving you strong, lean-cut muscles. As the lean muscles develop, the previously stored fat reduces, resulting in fat loss all over the body. The end result is a healthier and more immune to you.

Benefits of Primobolan Depot

The benefits derived from Primobolan include better mood and increased confidence, a boost of libido, better burning of fat, weight gain for those struggling with not being able to take it to a decent level, lean muscle gain, and treatment of anemia.