Novaldex 20

20mg/ 30 tablets per sachet

  • It is beneficial for the treatment of breast cancer
  • Reduce Chances of Cancer for High-Risk Patients
  • PCT drug after a Testosterone cycle

Novaldex 20  BY pur-pharm

Tamoxifen is the brand name of Nolvadex. From all over the world, this medicine is using to treat breast cancer in women. This medicine is also being used for Albright syndrome.


  • Chemical Name: 
    • Formula –C26H29NO
    • Molar Mass – 371.515 g/mol



10 to 20 mg per day


Up to 40mg a day or as per doctors prescription


Tamoxifen Citrate


5-7 days


Recommended after a Testosterone Cycle

Potential Oral Supplement to Treat Breast Cancer 


Tamoxifen is typically taken by mouth for five years to deal with breast cancer. Initially, it was made in 1962. The World Health Organization has declared it as an essential medicine for health.

It is being used for the treatment of early and advanced estrogen-receptor Positive breast cancer in Pre and Postmenopausal women. Interestingly it is the most common hormone treatment for male breast cancer.

Reason for buying Nolvadex 20

Several doctors recommended tamoxifen at the same time each day as it is useful in this method. Tamoxifen offers some other necessary health benefits that are not related to breast cancer. The reason behind this is it is a SERM. It will selectively block or activate estrogen’s action on particular cells.

Benefits of Nolvadex 20

This drug will help us to reduce the risk of breast cancer up to (40-50) % in the postmenopausal woman. On the other hand, it could be (30-50) % in a premenopausal woman. It can reduce the risk of other cancer, developing up to almost 50%. The person who is at high risk should take this drug for up to 10 years.