For many of our loyal customers, the switch that we made from website URL to was a confusing & sudden event. Some members were unsure of what happened to the site, if the site wasn’t running properly, but we assure you that our swap from, over to was well worth the effort.

Why did we move from to

At Pur-Pharma, we heavily prioritize our customers satisfaction, security, and a stress-free transaction. With our move over to, our site now has improved security, benefits, and ease of use! The new platform that our site is being ran on specializes in additional safety features & back-end protection, and for our customers, it’s our goal to make sure that each transaction that happens on our site is secure, safe, and simple. While the previous domain served us well, we found the new Pur Pharma domain to be more beneficial to our valued guests and the future of our brand.

The new security features on our site not only allows our checkout process to be substantially safer for our users, but also lets us add more products to the site that weren’t previously possible! Below are 3 new products that we’ve recently added:

  • Bacteriostatic Water
    • a fast acting compound that promotes muscle growth at a fast rate, increases muscle density, improves recovery & muscle protein synthesis, and increases endurance
  • Belitropina HGH (Somatotropin, or Human Growth Hormone) 
    • a hormone that is produced in the pituitary gland, that helps overall bodily growth, size gains, lowered body fat, and sexual performance
  • HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropic)
    • improves the mechanism of the relationship between the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes, which is affected after the use of anabolics
    • boosts testosterone productions, improves sexual performance, and boosts metabolism

With this site migration, we’ve also got a lot more updates lined up, aiding to our goal of being the best online steroids store in Canada. Product-wise, we want to offer our valued guests everything health-related on Pur-Pharma.

What happens now?

To continue offering the best steroids in Canada to our customers, we continue to improve our laboratory, procedures, and further R&D to our already popular formulas. In fact, Pur-Pharma is only getting better. As the best anabolic steroid online distributor in Canada, has just risen to a whole new level. With our new products and enhanced features, your experience on the site is bound to be 10x better than on We’re still the same company, and all processes are simple & easy to complete (like always)!

Additionally, to celebrate the move, we’re now hosting a few sales and promotions on the website. For our avid shoppers, you can help refer a friend and let them know of them move, or let them know of the best place to buy steroids online in Canada! Enjoy a 10% off sitewide coupon code in return for both you and your buddy. View the full Referral details here.