For many people, bulking isn’t as easy as it sounds. Instead of simply eating 3 McDonalds meals per day, racking up unhealthy and nutrient-scarce calories, many gym-goers learn very early into their lifting careers that it’s important that your calories are full of micro and macro nutrients. Doing so will ensure that your body is getting the proper amount of fuel so that it can perform well, recover, and grow as you progress in your training. In everyone’s fitness journey, there comes a period of time when it can be extremely beneficial to pursue a calorie surplus, in attempts to gain more muscle, strength, and power to boost performance. However for some people, bulking is a very difficult task and they don’t really know why they should do it; unless extensive research is done, most will only hear others say “Bulk, bulk, bulk” with no real meaning behind it. Today, we are going to go over why it’s extremely important to bulk and be in a calorie surplus while sprinkling in a few of our favourite bulking tips on the way.


What is a bulk?
A bulk is a period of time lasting generally 6-8 months, usually done by people that are involved/interested in fitness and lifestyle, where someone will eat over their caloric maintenance (AKA a calorie surplus) in order to pack on some serious muscle and strength. Make sure to read up on our 3 Most Efficient Anabolic Steroids For Muscle Gain to assist your upcoming bulk! DISCLAIMER: bulking is NOT necessary when trying to put on muscle, but let us tell you one thing — it 100% helps. Building strength and muscle is able to be done in almost any healthy calorie range when eating sufficient amounts of protein and training properly, but unless you are in a caloric surplus, putting on size/weight will be impossible since your body will have no calories in its system to grow with. A safe number to bulk on can be anywhere from a 100 calorie surplus to a 500 calorie surplus — if you go any higher, chances are that most of your weight gain will be from fat instead of muscle, which is what you don’t want while bulking. An ideal bulk consists of approximately 2 pounds of weight gain per month if natural, and 2-4 pounds of weight gain per month while enhanced. This will ensure you stay lean while bulking and keep the muscular definition you worked so hard for during your cutting phase. Some anabolics that provide muscle growth while simultaneously shedding off body fat can be found in out Thermogenics category on Pur Pharma.


Why is bulking important for muscle growth?
Bulking is important for muscle growth because it gives your body proper nutrition in order to grow, recover, and perform effectively in the gym. If you’re someone who struggles to consume enough calories, check out Deca Durabolin for a HUGE increase in hunger! If you’re in a calorie deficit while training, you’re going to end up losing weight even though you’re training hard and getting in enough protein, and some of that may be muscle. Your body has no choice but to lose weight when you’re in a calorie deficit, and no choice but to gain weight when in a calorie surplus! In order to build muscle effectively (and even build muscle at that), you need to ensure you’re getting in lots of nutrient-dense foods and high amounts of protein (not to forget optimal recovery and proper training which are covered more in depth in some of our other blogs)! For even more muscle growth, injectables steroids like Trenbolone or oral anabolics such as Dianabol or Anadrol have been found to be extremely efficient for quick & eye-catching gains.

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