PCT, or post cycle therapy, is a course of a cycle that is adapted by steroid users in their daily workout routine with some intervals, or on a daily basis depending upon the type of post cycle therapy stacks used. Post cycle therapy, in a nutshell, is necessary to help minimize the negative health effects caused by the intake of steroids or supplements. Aside from healing, there are many post cycle therapy advantages on the body; it also helps the body recover at a faster rate, which is an identical effect in many anabolic steroid compounds.

The Popularized Use of Post Cycle Therapy

Post Cycle Therapy compounds, while also categorized as anabolic steroids, could be taken through injections or directly. These medicines will showcase different results on individuals depending on their body’s acceptance and tolerance to the compounds. As these drugs enhance the speed of the body’s healing, they may also exhibit a few some negative health impact if taken in improper orders or in excessive amounts, so speak to a pharmacist or expert before adding PCT to your cycles.

Popular PCT #1: Clomid

Different injections might show different results, depending on bodybuilder’s physique. For example, one of the most popular PCT compounds, Clomid, will be the only PCT compound introduced to an individual while they are on the PCT cycle. This is to singular out the effects of that one compound, which helps cleanses the “palate” of the body’s current state from its previous stacks and cycles.

While on the topic of Clomid, the substance is also used to treat fertility issues in women, and in some off-label scenarios, it is also used to treat men’s infertility. Essentially, when used as a PCT stack, we are trying to prevent some of the side effects of our previous cycles from taking effect, by pre-emptively taking compounds that prevents those effects.

Popular PCT #2: Viagra

Another popular PCT compound, Viagra, is also considered to be an essential part of a post cycle therapy for many men who may be in risk of losing sexual drive due to the stacks in previous cycles. It helps to last longer in bed, which ultimately helps make the bond of love strong between the couple. We all know that bodybuilding is also a type of meditation; it requires dedication, concentration, passion, and joy. When an individual is happy in his life, especially happy with his sexual life, it easier to pursue one’s goals. Viagra does essentially that.

If you are new to the world of using anabolic steroids, or would like to learn more about the proper dosage and mixing of PCT stacks, feel free to reach out to one of our specialists. We are always happy to help our guests reach their goals in bodybuilding and athleticism.