The act of using different patterns of methods of taking steroids can be referred to as cycling, stacking, or pyramiding. All these terms speak to the act of scheduling the different forms of anabolic steroids being introduced to your body so as to compliment their effects and allow for more efficient growth and rest. Depending on your goals and the body type you have, a steroid cycle can work differently for everyone, from the supplements you take to the duration of each cycle.

How to Properly Cycle Steroids

To start an anabolic steroid cycle, you need to set up a schedule for yourself and pin down the exact dates of when and what you want to achieve as the end result. This allows you to work backwards from your goal, and tells you how much time you have to reach your goal, and the intensity of training you need to endure.

A fixed schedule will also help you calculate half-lives, which is crucial if you will be entering any competitions or expect to be taking drug tests.

What Is a Steroid Cycle?

With the continue usage of steroids, usually around the 8-week mark, your body will begin to build tolerance, hence lessening the effectiveness of steroids. When this happens, you will observe slower and lesser growth from your training, and any slight side effects you were experiencing will be more amplified.

By entering a steroid cycle, you employ an on-and-off strategy that helps you keep track of how long you’ll be using the steroid for, and how long of a break you should take before getting back on again. Your cycle of choice can last anywhere between a few weeks to months, transitioning into reduced usage or going completely clean for a period of time

Your cycle length will depend on your previous experience with steroid, the compounds you’re working with, and the end goal of your cycle.

How to Start a Proper Steroid Cycle

When you start a steroid cycle, you should consider whether you want to stack your steroids. Stacking of steroids means using multiple compounds during a specific period to enhance the results you receive. By stacking, your workouts will lead to a mixture of effects and makes your efforts much more efficient. The combination of two or more steroids can grant your body enhanced effects than taking them on separate times. With that said, stacking is not recommended for beginners unless accompanied by a coach or expert.

What Does “Pyramiding” Steroids mean?

The act of pyramiding steroids means starting with a low dosage, gradually increasing to your peak amount, then slowing down again. Along with stacking, pyramiding is considered another efficient way of maximizing the effect you gain from your workouts. Much like the shape of a pyramid, this method allows you to start with a small dosage, gradually increasing overtime, eventually peaking at the tip of the pyramid then gradually coming back down. By making your dosage peak towards the middle of your cycle, this method allows you to start slow and end slow, preventing any severe negative side effects of suddenly going cold turkey.

Finding the Best Method for You

If you are new to the world of steroids, there are plenty exploration that can be done to discover what method works best for you. It is usually recommended to not stack too many steroids at once, while going on a small pyramid cycle to lessen any effects felt by going on the drug and off the drug. Some of the most recommended steroids to start with are any form of Testosterone mixed with Sustanon. Once you find what works best for you, you can then begin to increase the dosage and number of different steroids stacked at a time.

If you have any questions about how to start your first steroid cycle, whether it’s the length of, or the compounds you should use, feel free to reach out to our experts at Pur-Pharma. We are always happy to help novices get more familiar with the hobby.