Figuring out how to use steroids to improve your body can be a daunting decision. Public perception and stigma around steroid usage is a huge mental hurdle for some people. And, yes, as you can guess, there are many complex layers of using steroids. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with the three best steroids for beginners.


Which Are The Three Best Steroids For Beginners?

Industry professionals have varying opinions on this topic. However, we have chosen the three best steroids because of the primary outcomes that people want from using steroids. Whether your goals are purely for building an aesthetically pleasing body, a bulk, or a cut, you can be sure that steroids put on muscle mass while trying to lose body fat quickly. The same goes for trying to put on muscle mass without gaining excess body fat.

So to achieve your goals, consider taking:



On the first cycle, you could get along just fine with testosterone. Testosterone isn’t one particular kind of testosterone. Testosterone in all its varieties will help improve your strength and build muscle equally. The subtle difference between the different types of testosterone is that some esters are higher in potency than others, and some are fast-acting as they make it into your bloodstream quicker. If you’re looking to bulk, testosterone can come in handy. Here is our in-depth guide on How to Cycle testosterone for Incredible muscle gain.



Anavar is probably the best steroid to use as a beginner in terms of relative safety. Although it’s less potent than testosterone, Anavar can help elevate metabolic processes, leading to increased fat burning (perfect for cutting), increased strength, and building muscle, all with the additional benefit of not worrying about any health risks. For more information on Anavar, check out All about Anavar: The ultimate Cutting steroid. In addition, Anavar is consumed orally, so if you are hesitant to use needles, it could be the perfect steroid for you.



Last but not least, Dianabol. Dianabol is the best way to go if you want both size and mass. Products such as our Dianabol tablets are an excellent option to consider. Like Anavar, Dianabol is orally ingested, so no needles are involved. On your first cycle, try to use Dianabol moderately. Moderate usage reduces the chances of any risks to your health. This is because Dianabol, compared to testosterone and Anavar, has a higher likelihood of causing severe and pronounced side effects. So please use it responsibly!


As you can see, steroids can be a great alternative to augment your body’s natural ability. However, before using any of the above products, assess yourself to determine if you are up for strict dieting, training, and sleeping at the correct times. These are the prerequisites to any bodybuilding journey. To help in your journey, visit us at Pur Pharma for more informative content and great deals on steroids.