Do you look at fitness models while scrolling through your Instagram or feeds and wonder how do these guys have such massive muscles? Well, if you look carefully, you will notice that the secret to their enlarged muscles is the usage of stimulant steroids.

Steroids are a combination of chemical elements that regulate the hormones inside your body. Like many other things in the world, steroids have both its benefits and harmful repercussions. So let us look at some of the major pros and cons of steroids.

Pros and Cons of Steroids You Need to Know

At first, let us have a look at the benefits of steroids and why they are widespread.

Advantages of Steroids

Some of the significant benefits are as follows

1) Bolster endurance level:

One of the most favorable benefits is the improved endurance level in the body. The usage of this steroids enables higher production of red blood cells in the body, which in turn allows the muscle tissues and other parts of the body to maximize the oxygen available for efficient utilization during intensive and aggressive work out sessions.

The availability of a higher level of oxygen in the body due to the increased count of red blood cells helps the muscles to work longer effortlessly than usual. Hence your body’s endurance speeds up and with greater oxygen muscles can recover at a faster rate.

2) Improve overall performance:

Bodybuilders and athletes will keenly regard this benefit in steroids. Steroids have a positive effect on the overall performance of an individual. The positive effects are observed in terms of enhanced power, agility, strength, and speed. It is every athlete’s dream to showcase the best of their abilities and deliver superior performance. Therefore it is popularly used among athletes.

3) Bigger and better muscles:

Bodybuilders competing for contests want to develop well-defined muscles, a body which speaks for itself and gives themselves the outlook of a possible winner. Using this steroids helps to build muscles and shape a muscular body at a rapid rate without much effort of doing regular gym or exercises. Steroids are popular in giving sportsmen the “in it to win it” look.

4) Cure for hormonal imbalance:

If you are suffering from prolonged low testosterone levels, steroids are often prescribed by doctors as a treatment for low libido in men, which is a cause of lower testosterone levels. Steroids prevent hormonal imbalance and is known for controlling hormone levels.

It is hugely functional for treating certain illnesses in the human body as it can directly affect the hormonal levels and can be a substantial medicine for many to recover quickly.

Cons of using Steroids:

However, steroids also have many captivating drawbacks, which may convince the users to decrease or stop the consumption and use of these harmful drugs.

1) Risks for particular health conditions:

One of the most common side effects of using steroids to build a muscular body is the incurring health issues like heart attacks and strokes. Dangerous and severe problems with kidneys and liver are also common effects of steroids. People adopted to regular use are often a victim of high blood pressure and cholesterol. It further exposes the body to numerous kinds of tumors and cancerous diseases.

2) Drug Addiction:

Despite the banishment and prohibition for the sale and use of drugs, the consumers do not refrain from using these drugs. Moreover, bodybuilders and weightlifters also tend to become heavily dependent on the use of these drugs as the drug provides them with benefits such as speed, strength, and a muscular physique.

3) Harmful side effects:

The body can be susceptible to several bodily weakness such as cramps, dizziness, dehydration, and exhaustion as steroids does not contain water. Steroids also cause infertility, shrinking testicles, and breast enlargement among men.

These are some of the notable side effects to identify and remember. Moreover, it also makes women sensitive and prone to growing facial hair and baldness. People using these drugs are often feeling low and suffer from severe health diseases like depression.   

4) Not legal:

Another striking cons of steroids is that anyone found guilty of having possession or selling of illegal and drugs such as steroids or other prohibited substances will face imprisonment. Furthermore, athletes may face lengthy or lifetime ban from participating in any sport if they are found guilty of drug abuse.


Enhancement supplements are widely used and consumed by professional athletes. This is why steroids got remarkably popular in today’s time. Its showcasing benefits are helpful to make significant changes in your body and make it look a certain way.

However, despite the much talked about benefits of steroids, it is of paramount importance that users should also be aware of the complications related to its use and the severe harmful consequences that are likely to occur with regular usage.

Hence if you are planning to bulk up your muscles using steroids, make sure to take a look at this article to be aware of and comprehend some of the primary pros and cons of steroids.