5mg/ 50 tablets

Reduce Body Fat And Shred.

  • Fat loss
  • Increase lean muscle
  • Quicker recovery

LGD4033 BY pur-pharm

LGD4033 5mg

LGD4033 5 or Ligandrol4033 is a SARM which helps strengthening muscles and cutting fat subsequently making you stronger.


Ligandrol  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5mg
  • Chemical Name: Ligandrol



    10mg per day


    5mg per day


    Mk-677,Cardarine and Ostarine


    24-36 hours


    Required if 10mg per day for 12 weeks intake and not necessary for 5mg users to take one.

    A Great SARMs to get stronger and fitter


    LGD4033 5 is a capsule which is concentrated to help athletes to accomplish physical fitness goals. Unlike other substances, it confirms that it sticks with the right androgen receptors it is intended for rather than causing harm to other organs. Hence contributing to cutting down fat, healing bones and strengthening your muscles.

    Reason for buying LGD4033 5

    LGD4033 5 or Ligandrol is the proper and close to perfect solution for enhancing your muscle gains, losing unnecessary fat and mending your bones in order to make yourself stronger. Moreover it is useful for increasing bone minerals and replacing damaged bones contributing to quicker recovery..

    Benefits of LGD4033 5

    LGD 4033 is an Androgen Receptor and is used to treat muscle loss due in human. As an androgen receptor, it is safer than steroids with fewer side effects in the human body. In many countries, it is a medicated drug to reduce problems due to aging. It strengthens the body muscle and accelerate muscle growth. It is also used as a performance enhancement drug. However, it is not an FDA approved drug and is prohibited in many countries, especially for athletes.