2mg/ 30 tablets

Powerful Aromatase Inhibitor

  • Helps against estrogen production
  • The success ratio is higher than Tamoxifen

Letrozole BY pur-pharm

Letrozole 2mg

Letrozole is also known as Femara. This medicine is useful for the treatment of hormonally responsive breast cancer after surgery. In the bodybuilding world it is more used to stop estrogen production.


Letrozole . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2mg

  • Chemical Name: 
    • Letrozole



1.25-2.5 mg daily




Other Aromatise Inhibitor


2 Days



Best known for  Estrogen prohibitor


Firstly, it was patented in 1986 and finally approved it for medical use in 1996. It is classified as an Aromatase Inhibitor category. It is supported by the United States Food and Drug Administrations for the greater wellbeing of local and metastatic breast cancer. It is the hormone receptor-positive and has an unknown receptor status in postmenopausal women.

The compelling reasons for delivery

It has been used for ovulation induction by fertility doctors since the year 2001. The reason is it has fewer side effects than clomiphene. Another good news is that you will have a few chances of multiple gestations.

From research, it can be seen that woman who received letrozole has a disease-free survival rate of 73.8% compared to the woman who received Tamoxifen (70.4%). Letrozole continues to reduce the risk of breast cancer coming back a few years after you stop taking it.

Benefits of Letrozole 2

This medicine can be used in the place of Mifepristone (another drug to treat cancer). This medicine can be used for gynecomastia too. Researchers have said that letrozole is fit for promoting spermatogenesis in male patients.

Here, the most effective use of letrozole is endometriosis. This medicine has a fantastic capacity, and it can slow down the growth plates in mice. However, it has little-bit side effects like fatigue, hot flashes, and joint pain.