Lean Muscle Stack 2

Experience Lean Muscle Gain

  • Boost strength and energy
  • Gain a well defined physique
  • Reduce body fat

Lean Muscle Stack BY pur-pharm

Lean Muscle Stack 2

This stack is especially popular because, among other things, the detection time is much shorter than other steroids. This stack is the steroid stack of choice, for many top-level bodybuilders and athletes. 


Trenbolone Acetate . . . . . . 100 mg/ML

Testosterone Propionate . . . . . . . . 100mg /ml

Drostanolone propionate . . . . . . . . . 150mg/ml

  • Chemical Name: 
    • Trenbolone Acetate

    • Testosterone Propionate 

    • Drostanolone propionate




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Get The Dream Body You Always wanted


The muscle gained with this Lean Muscle stack will be high quality, hard and well defined.

Transform your body with Lean Muscle Stack 2

This stack posses qualities used for improving strength and size, it also possess very good fat burning benefits because of its androgenic potency.

Explosive Mix For Fast Results

Other useful benefits such as improving nitrogen retention and increasing red blood count significantly to improve muscle oxygenation and provide an excellent environment for growth.