Testosterone 400 is a popular injectable anabolic steroid that is used in many workouts ranging from weight training to cardiovascular exercises. As a blender of 2 esters, Testosterone allows users to reach peak levels faster, and accelerate the building and repairment of tissues in the muscles. Its prowess in accelerating the healing ability in athletes allows for more intense and longer training sessions, ultimately leading to bigger gains.

To make the most out of your Test 400 cycle, there are a few key elements to consider. In this article, we will go through some tips for athletes to best utilize their Test 400, and to have a more rewarding workout.

Tip #1: Perform the Correct Exercises

First, you would want to take advantage of its accelerated healing effect, by training harder and longer. Exercises already lengthy in repetitions may not be a good combination. Instead, opt to shorter reps, and do more sets. Simple workouts such as bench press or deadlifts are great workouts to accompany your Test 400 cycle.

Tip #2: Eat a Lean Diet and Minimize Junk Food Intake

While Test 400 does a great job in repairing damaged tissue and giving the body prolonged energy, on its own, it isn’t the best vessel for getting rid of excess water retention. Like all other human growth hormones, it is notoriously known to bulk the athlete up with water, resulting in excess water weight. As a result, trainers are advised to eat clean and avoid junk foods such as ice cream or soda high in sugar whenever possible. When craving sweets, consider a simple dark chocolate or an apple, instead of artificially manufactured treats.

Tip #3: Stack Testosterone 400 with TNT 500

TNT is a perfect anabolic steroid to compliment your Testosterone 400 cycle with. The effects of TNT allow you to shred unneeded weight and shrug of extra water retention – something Testosterone is not good at on its own. The combination of of Testosterone 400 and TNT 500 can bring you gains like never before, as long as you work hard towards your goal.

Although TNT helps with shredding water, we still advise our athletes to eat clean whenever possible to more easily control hormone levels. Dirty eating could lead to potential side effects such as male pattern baldness, lack of appetite, anger, and other unwanted complications

In Conclusion

Testosterone 400 is one of the most sought after injectable anabolic steroids in the Canadian market at the moment, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. To make the most out of your cycles with it, make sure you eat cleanly, and stack the right anabolic steroids to compliment its effects instead of taking away from it. If you have any questions on what steroids you should take with your Test 400 cycle, or other general questions about the compound, reach out to our experts and we will be glad to help.