Bodybuilders like Flex Wheeler, Kevin Levrone, and Phil Heath have set the standards for the best Massive arms in bodybuilding. Having big arms can make your physique look 10x more impressive and let’s face it: everybody wants big arms. EVERYBODY. There’s something about filling out your shirt sleeves that just boosts your confidence through the roof. So without further ado, let’s get into the thick & thin, of how to get big arms.

The Anatomy of the Arm

Everyone thinks that curls for the girls are the way to go if you want big arms, so people will double and sometimes even triple their bicep volume, in hopes that it’ll add size. However, you should probably keep your bicep volume around the same, and instead up your tricep volume. The tricep makes up 2/3 of the arm, so adding girth onto the long, medial, and lateral heads of your tricep will ultimately give you a bigger, thicker, sleeve-filling arm. Focusing on each of these heads is important because they each contribute to a different part of the arm. The long head is the part of the tricep that gives you that thickness & circumference, whereas the lateral head will give you that aesthetic horseshoe shape on the side of your Massive arm. Once you have the size on that horseshoe, start your Anavar cycle for insane striations and definition. The medial head sits right by the back of the arm, down by the elbow and it benefits more in the strength department as opposed to size, but growing it can still add impressive definition. Bringing up each of these tricep heads will ultimately leave you with the massive arms that everyone desires.

The bicep is still 1/3 of the arm, so you can’t forget about that. There are two bicep heads: the long head and the short head. However, the brachialis sits right beside the bicep and contributes to arm girth as well. Targeting the long head will add more size to your bicep peak, whereas the short head contributes more to bicep width. The brachialis contributes to width as well, and can be eye-catching when brought up well. Our Anadrol tablets compliment your bicep workouts greatly, as they boost recovery and make sure you’re fresh for your next lift.

Pur Pharma’s Favourite Arm Exercises for Each Muscle in the Arm

Down below, we’ve compiled a list of our #1 favourite and most efficient exercises for each specific muscle that can be found in the arm, so check it out:

  • Triceps
  1. Long head: Overhead dumbbell extensions
  2. Lateral head: V-bar tricep cable pressdowns
  3. Medial head: Close grip bench press
  • Biceps
  1. Long head: Incline dumbbell curls
  2. Short head: EZ Bar preacher curls
  • Bonus exercises to add size to your arms
  1. Side deltoid: Eccentric-focused dumbbell side lateral raises
  2. Brachialis: Cable hammer curls


How to Lift for Arm Size

When training arms, it’s important to lift slow and controlled, to really focus on the muscle you’re contracting. Each muscle in the arm is relatively small, so they can be hard to target. That’s why it’s important to lift lighter to moderate weights, in a 8-15 rep range, and really zone in on the muscle being worked. It’s also best to use strict form for arms, because other muscles can easily take over the movement if momentum or improper form is being used.

Once you have size, it’s also important to shred down to gain more vascularity and definition. To do that, check out our blog on the best anabolics for fat loss & shreds!

Pur Pharma’s Favourite Anabolics for Massive Arms Growth

Here at Pur Pharma, we value getting the most bang for your buck and picking the right product to supplement your wants & needs. For arm growth, some of the products that we’ve found most beneficial are Testosterone-400 (for size gains, increase in definition, and vascularity), Masteron Enanthate (for faster protein synthesis, growth, and muscle reparation), and MK-677 (for recovery, sleep, and bulking ease). There’s one more great anabolic for overall growth as well, but you’ll have to find out over at our other blog post! Arms are a smaller muscle group and therefore, they need to be hit more frequently throughout the week as opposed to all out once a week. Therefore, the products we chose are masters in growth, recovery, and protein synthesis. 

For more tips, make sure to check out our other Pur Pharma blogs, and contact our Pur Pharma team if you have any questions!