If you have the constant problem of re-learning dosage calculations, then you are in the right place.

In many cases, we find ourselves at the mercy of the dosages stated in the manufacturer’s information on the products we buy. The problem is that the dosages are expressed as milligrams (mg) per kilogram weekly. For some, math comes relatively easy, but this is not the case for others. So to help you, here’s how the dosage per kg of body weight is calculated.


Calculating Dosages

One thing you need to understand is that your body weight plays an important role when it comes to dosages. This is because your body’s size influences drug concentration in the blood fluid and the site of action.

Because of this, it has become standard practice to use normalized doses, the drug quantity per unit of body weight. We’ll be using Dimensional Analysis or, simply, the “keep the units in the equation the same” method.

This calculation is helpful because it ensures that we’re taking an appropriate amount of the drug and nothing more or nothing less. So to help you make sense of this calculation, we’ll be using a simple example to help you find the correct dosage of your steroids.

Our example is as follows:

Arnold is 160 lbs heavy and is looking to get into shape. After reading Steroids – Uses Types and What to Expect, he placed an order for a steroid on the Pur Pharma store with a dosage of 10mg/kg weekly.

How many milligrams should Arnold take?


What to Determine First for Your Steroid Dosage

Take note that Arnold’s weight is in pounds, so we’ll first have to convert Arnold’s weight from pounds (lbs) to kilograms (kg). As we said, “keep the units in the equation the same”. It would be relatively easy if it were kilograms right off the bat, but unfortunately, that’s rarely ever the case. To get your body weight to kilograms from pounds, simply divide by 2.2.

160 / 2.2 = 72.75kg, so let’s round that to 73kg.


Finally, Your Proper Dosage Per Week

Now for the easy part. Since we have both Arnold’s weight in kg and a recommended weekly amount of 10 mg, we need to multiply the 2 values by one another. The recommended weekly amount represented as a fraction is 10 mg / 1 kg. Therefore, since Arnold is 73kg, he should take 730mg of anabolic steroids per week.


Finding the Correct Dosage for Anabolic Steroids

And just like that, you can now calculate mg per unit of body weight in kg when consuming anabolic steroids. Hopefully, you now understand what we meant by “keeping the units in the equation the same” because we are converting the units given to those of the formula, e.g. mg and kg, to complete the equation. For more steroid-related information and solutions, check out our blog.