If you want to make incredible muscles, then you may think of taking steroids. But steroid injection generally has some intense bad impacts on the body. So the alternate way you have is doing some exercises.

Exercises have a direct or indirect effect on anabolic steroids. So, we have found out 3 most effective workouts that can intensely boost up the level of your anabolic steroids.

3 Effective Workouts to Boost Anabolic Steroids

Workouts help a lot to kick up the level of the anabolic steroid. Here we will discuss 3 exercises. And also the ways they should be done to get optimal results.

1. Squat:

The squat is a good home workout. It trains gluteus, quadriceps and hamstring muscles. This exercise increases the mobility of the lower part of the body. And it also helps to maintain healthy bone and bone joints. And of course, stimulates the anabolic steroids.

  • Choose a place where you find comfort to stand on.
  • Then sit your leg shoulder wide apart. Then keep your toes slightly outwards at a fifteen-degree angle.
  • You have bent your legs at knees. Your knee pads have to face the direction of the toes. But do not put all weight on your knee. Instead, put them on your heel. This is similar to sit on a chair without the couch.
  • Spread your hands straight ahead. And try to keep them parallel to the ground all the time doing squat.
  • Now harden your abs. Keep your spine straight and chest open.
  • Now look forward stand up. In this time, keep your heels touching the ground. Do not stand up by putting the weight on your toes.
  • Then wait a second. Now go down again.
  • While going down, do not bend your knees inside. Rather push them slightly outwards.
  • Go down until your hip is slightly lower than your knees. You can go lower until your back is too bent or round. Deep squat needs more flexibility.

2. Deadlift:

The deadlift is one of the compound exercises. This training includes muscles of thigh, leg, hand, and back. In total, it trains your whole posterior chain. So it helps a lot to burn your fat. In consequence, it also boosts up the secretion of anabolic steroids. But you have to be careful while raising deadlift. Because if you do it in the wrong way, you may injure your back muscles.

  • Firstly, put your feet under the bar of the deadlift. Make sure that the bar is on top of your mid-foot. Then place the feet slightly outside the hip. So the gap between your feet will slightly wider than your hip.
  • Now sit half so that your shoulder blades directly over the bar. Your upper mid-chest will stay above the bar. The bar is directly underneath your scapula.
  • Keep the spine straight. Keep in mind a thing. Your hip should be positioned between the knees and head. Don’t keep you’re your hip at the much high or too low. By the way, the exact position will depend on your own anatomy.
  • Now place your hands over the bar just outside of your legs. Grab the bar tightly and get your control. Now pull the bar and lift the weight.
  • But do not round your back while doing this. Keep your head, back, and hips all in a line.
  • First 2 or 3 inches pull it will just by straighten your legs. Then raise your chest. Do not lift the weight too fast. Do it slowly.
  • Lift the weight in the shortest path. That means to lift it just straight up.
  • Then when you are totally straight, do not let the deadlifts bump in your hand. Rather hold it strongly.
  • Now, wait for two seconds. Do not lean back while keeping the weight up. Keep your whole body straight.
  • Then put the deadlift slowly down. 1 rep will take 6 to 7 seconds in total.

3. Push and Pull:

There are many types of push and pull. These activities significantly influence the secretion of anabolic hormones and boost them. Some of them are mentioned here.

  1. Bench Press: Lie down on a bench. You bent your knee so that your feet touch the floor. Now grab the bar of the deadlift. Bring it right above mid-chest or above the nipple line. Now push the lift straight upward slowly. Spread your both hands at the same pace. Do not let it bump when it is held up. Then slowly bring it down. Do not lower the weight so much that the scapulae are bent back too much. Do this 5 to 10 reps.
  2. Shoulder Press: You can do it using either two dumbbells or a bar carrying deadlift. If you use dumbbells, you can do that sitting. Firstly, sit on the couch and relax. Then take the dumbbells that are not too heavy for you. Then bring them up and hold them at the same height as the shoulder. Widen your hands slightly more than the shoulder. Now pull them upward and expand the bent elbow slowly. Keep hands expanded for 1 second. Then bring the dumbbells down. Do pulling and bringing back in a regular rhythm. Make sure that both hands are at the same pace. Do these 5 reps if you are a beginner.
  3. Pull-up: Push up involves the biceps and forearm muscles greatly. Stand right beneath the bar. Then go 1 step back. Now have a tight and comfortable grip over the hanging bars. Keep the outside of arms facing you. Then pull the bars towards your belly. So you will go up until your shoulder comes parallel to the bar. And let the back bent a little, so the chest come forward a little bit. Stay 2 to 3 seconds at this position. Bent your knee a little. So you have control over your lower parts too. Now lose your muscles slowly and come down. Do this for 10 to 15 reps according to your ability.

Let’s Start!

Let’s start doing these from today. These exercises will boost up the secretion level of your anabolic steroids highly besides eating healthy, foods. Be confident and consistent. Do not give up after trying only a few days. Best of luck!